The Challenges of entrepreneurial leadership in Nigeria

  • Muhammad Kabir Abbas Hassan UsmanKatsina Polytechnic


No organisation big or small, private or public can successfully survive the inadequacies of leadership, because it is the hub upon which all organisational activities rotate. This is the case especially in an entrepreneurial setup. No doubt the entrepreneurship, being as it may, is most vulnerable to defective leadership. This is because it is an endeavour where virtually every aspect of running the organisation rests on the leader. A study conducted indicates that more than 45% of the entrepreneurial failure was a result of leadership problem. The complexities, unpredictability and difficulty of the human nature pose greater challenges to leadership in any set up, this is more aggravated by a situation where the leader gives one-on-one directives to the subordinates. The paper is descriptive aimed at excavating the internal and external challenges of leadership in an entrepreneurial set up, as well as proposes better ways of averting these internal and external problems.

Author Biography

Muhammad Kabir Abbas, Hassan UsmanKatsina Polytechnic