Journal of Leadership and Management Studies (JOLMS) ISSN  2313-1055,  was conceptualized and brought to reality through the tireless efforts of a determined workforce in the Department of Management and Project Management . Devoid of previous research and publishing experience the team has moved from ignorance to wisdom, the team is now ready to capture the continent. Something is wrong in this continent that has lagged behind in many respects in spite of it having 60% of the world’s natural resources. Devoid of leadership the continent continues to house the poorest populations of the world, a rich continent inhabited by the poorest people on earth.

This journal aspires to draw from all disciplines the lessons of effective leadership and management to prepare a generation poised to take the continent forward. The meeting of minds on such pertinent issues as ‘looking for effective leadership’ in all spheres of life, can only be understood in the context of “two heads are better than one.” In as much as “too many cooks spoil the broth,” it is evident that the panacea for Africa’s condition [Africa is hospitalized and is in the intensive care unit -ICU] demands the contribution of the followership to enhance the effectiveness of the leadership. Unless there is congruency and meeting of the expectations of both, Africa is going one way into the ICU. If all these minds come together to create synergy, it can be said again that; “the sum total is greater than its parts.” Divided we fall, and united we win.  

This journal seeks to scrap the unused wisdom from all the dustbins of oblivion, and resuscitate it into usable substance. This will be training ground for the beginner in research and writing, and harvesting ground for the professional who knows all the corners. The journal will bring together the new brooms that sweep clean and the old brooms that know all the corners. We only can be who we are because of the others around us; “motho kemotho kabathu.”