The effect of self-efficacy improvement on the effectiveness of project managers in contemporary organisations

  • Autram Jacobs Pioneer Foods (PTY) Ltd
  • Lebogang Kamohi Pioneer Foods (PTY) Ltd


These modern, dynamic environments are characterised by high levels of pressure to perform, as well as rapid changes caused by advances in technology. Factors such as globalisation and recessions play critical roles in the increasingly intense cost-cutting contemporary organisations. Hence, the current project manager effectiveness factors previously researched like methodology, people-skills and leadership have brought project practice only so far and will not be allencompassing in the future. These refer to how the project manager relates externally during project practise in terms of how the project manager relates to the project itself. Projects as change management undertakings therefore demand an understanding of the manager’s own internal assessment, self-awareness, and the ability to understand the abilities and how they can be applied. An understanding of these factors coupled with appropriate use of these resources, techniques and tools produces a context-relevant and empowered project manager. By means of meta-ethnography and qualitative research, it was established that self-efficacy is extremely relevant to project management in this regard, and also enhances a number of personal attributes required for the project manager to thrive in these modern environments. The research found that project managers who can manage their self-assessment with regards to their projects will be more effective in these dynamic landscapes. The research results postulated that self-efficacy has a significant improvement in five specific personal critical competencies such as adaptability, ability to handle ambiguity, persistence, perseverance, emotional intelligence and resilience

Author Biographies

Autram Jacobs, Pioneer Foods (PTY) Ltd

Pioneer Foods (PTY) Ltd. and Regenesys Business School Pioneer Foods Enterprise Project Office

Lebogang Kamohi, Pioneer Foods (PTY) Ltd

Pioneer Foods (PTY) Ltd. and Regenesys Business School Pioneer Foods Enterprise Project Office